Introduction to Porto

Introduction to Porto

Porto is a city that integrates business, entrepreneurship, innovation and culture, and is open to companies and talents from all over the world.

The Municipality of Porto has a relevant role in the Iberian Peninsula’s Northwest economy, which is the engine of the Portuguese industry exports. Taking advantage of its strategic position, Porto has risen as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe over the last decade, which leads to the city undergoing a significant urban revitalization and an economic revival owing to new international investment projects.

Porto’s economy is substantially tertiary and, for the most part, it is supported in the Health, Tourism and Commerce sectors. Recently, there has been a diversification of the city’s business structure, through the retention of business service activities linked to ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and shared services, as well as other cutting-edge creative and technological industries.

Porto aims to be a prominent European innovation hub, enhanced by its qualified human resources and a dense network of universities and research and development (R&D) centers, start-ups, scale-ups and business incubators that foster more jobs, more capacity to generate value and create a multifunctional city with colorful life.