Introduction to Maxixe

The city of Maxixe is a municipality in Mozambique’s Inhambane Province. Other than being a municipality, the city of Maxixe is also a district of Mozambique (under the denomination of Maxixe City District). The city is crossed by National Road No. 1, uniting the country’s south and central area, and as such has great potential for development.


The District has an arable land of 10,658 ha, where 7,012 peasant families are dedicated to growing various food crops on a cooperative basis, at an average of 0.5 ha per family. From the total area, only 5,328 ha of land are being used for food crops, representing a 50% use of the land. The remaining land is occupied by citrus orchards, cashew trees and coconut trees, which are cash crops.


The District has a total of 70 fish ponds. Among these, 51 were opened due to POPA at the Macuamene Downtown, and 19 are distributed along the following neighborhoods: Tinga-Tinga, Dambo, Barrane and Nhaguiviga.

Source: Inhambane Province Government