Main Investment Costs

Water tariff (Maputo)

Water tariff is 149.96 Meticals per cubic meter (FIPAG) .


Energy tariff (Maputo)

Logged consumption


Sale Price per tariff category  

Fixed rate(MT)

Domestic Tariff


Agricultural Tariff


General Tariff


From 0 to 300 6.63 4.08 10.30 257.97
From 301 to 500 9.93 5.81 14.71 257.97
Over 500 9.85 6.39 16.10 257.97
Prepayment 8.44 5.65 14.75  

Cargo Cost

Air cargo costs between five to a thousand Kilograms varies from 51.30 to 291.60 Meticals per Kilogram (LAM ) and are counted according to the distance between the destination and the city of Maputo.


Maritime cargo costs are fixed on volume per cargo, that is, per cubic meter. As such, a twenty feet container costs between USD 1,200 to 1,300, depending on the nature and density of the cargo.

Minimum Wage

Wages are set for the whole country, varying only according to sector.


Sector Minimum Wage (Meticais)
Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Forestry 4,390.00
Industrial Fishing 5,370.75
Mineral Extraction Industry – Major Industries 9,254.00
Manufacturing Industry – Industrial Sector 7,000.00
Construction 6,136.70
Non-Financial Service Activities 6,850.00
Financial Services – Banks and Insurance Companies 6,478.00
Hotel Industry 11,336.93



  • Fund for Investment and Assets of Water Supply(FIPAG)
  • Electricidade de Mocambique (EDM)
  • Mozambique Airlines
  • Mozambique Investment Guide – APIEX