Introduction to Maputo

It is located in the western shore of Maputo Bay, at the southernmost part of the country, near the border with South Africa and Swaziland, making it close to a triple border between the three countries. Until March 13, 1976, the city was known as “Lourenço Marques”, in honor of the Portuguese explorer with the same name.

The Direct National Investment was USD 89.510.574, with further injection of USD 173.476.273, totaling USD 481.463.293. This Investment was distributed among construction and public works, banking and insurance, industry, commerce, services, transportation and communications.

The city of Maputo has a satellite city, Matola City, and they are connected by the National Road Number 4 (EN4) which also connects the Mozambique capital to its neighbor, South Africa. This makes it a privileged city, since commodities coming from South Africa pass through the Maputo Development Corridor towards various countries in the world, and vice versa.

Furthermore, the industrial park next to the city of Maputo is located respectively in the city of Matola and the Maputo province.


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