Tourism Information

In all quarters of 2020, there were decreases in guests and overnight stays compared to 2019. The highest reception was registered in the first quarter (189,110 guests). In the remaining quarters, receptions did not reach 10 thousand. The evolutions in any of the quarters were negative.

In the year of 2020, the hotel business of the island of Santiago (where the city of Praia is located) registered around 33,234 guests, representing around 16% of the country. The main source of tourists on the island of Santiago, in the year of 2020, being Portugal with 5,382 guests, followed by France with 2,798 guests, Germany with 2,271 guests.


Special Touristic Zones (ZTE)

There are Special Touristic Zones (ZTE) in the islands of Santiago, S. Vicente and Sal. The island of Santiago has 8 ZTE (North of Praia, Achada Baleia, Mangue, Monte Negro, Porto Coqueiro, Achada Lage, Southwest of Praia, Achada Rincão and Alto Mira).