Introduction to Dili

Located on the north coast of Timor island, it borders the district of Manatuto to the East, Aileu to the South, Liquiçá to the West, and the Savu Sea to the North; it also includes Ataúro island, located across the city of Dili. It has 234.026 inhabitants (Census 2010) and an area of 372 km². It is the smallest district in the country. Its capital is the city of Dili, which is also the capital of East Timor. Dili’s district is similar to the municipality with the same name when Portuguese Timor included the municipality (nowadays district) of Aileu. Dili’s district currently includes the sub-districts of Ataúro, Cristo-Rei, Dom Aleixo, Nainfeto, Metinaro and Vera Cruz.

Under international guidance, a great part of the agricultural sector in Timor, mainly subsistence crops with acceptable efficiency, was turned into profitable crops, in an effort to create an export-oriented economy.

Dili is the capital of East Timor and the capital of the district with the same name. It is located on the coast of Timor island, the easternmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Dili is the main port and business and administrative center of East Timor, and it has about 150 thousand inhabitants, 20% of the country’s population.


Government of East Timor

East Timor

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