Declaration on Personal Data Collection

1. Purpose of collection and handling

Your personal data will be necessary when using the services on our website. The data will only be used for handling activities and services within IPIM’s authority.

2. Transfer of personal data

Except for circumstances that entity with authority and/or authorised entity exercise relevant rights, the personal data collected and handled by this website will be transferred to other public departments or private entities with your consent.

3. Access, rectification and update of personal data

According to Law No 8/2005 – Personal Data Protection Act, you are entitled to access, rectify or update the personal data you provided. Written application to IPIM is required for exercising the above rights.

4. Protection and handling of personal data

All admins of this website have a non-disclosure obligation and will implement all feasible and appropriate measures to handle the personal data according to the regulations of Law No 8/2005 – Personal Data Protection Act. The data will be stored until it serves its purpose or the statutory reservation period ends. Then, the data will be destroyed or archived according to the law.

5. Risk

The website will encrypt the personal data you provided before transmitting with the proper data protection transfer and storage technologies to protect the data. However, there are risks to transmitting information online. By using the services provided on this website, you agree to take the relevant risk of loss derived by the transmission. This website shall not be held responsible for such losses. If you are uncertain about the risks, please provide IPIM with the information by means other than using the internet.

6. External linkage

This website contains hyperlinks to other websites including local and external, public and private organisations. When you are connected to other websites with these hyperlinks, you are considered of having left this website. The privacy policies of these websites might be different to this website and IPIM shall not be held accountable for the contents and privacy policies of any external websites. We also suggest you learn about the privacy policies of external websites before using their services.

7. Amendment to this declaration

If there is any amendment to this declaration, IPIM will replace the old version with the new one and explicitly state the amendment date without prior and further notice.