Support and Incentive Measures for the MICE Industry

To further promote the growth of Macao’s MICE industry, the SAR Government has been assisting the organisation of local MICE events through a series of support and incentive measures, thereby cultivating and developing the city’s own signature events. The government also supports organisers from different regions to host events in Macao and local MICE practitioners to engage in exchange and collaboration with other regions in order to make Macao the ideal destination for different types of MICE events.


“One-stop Service” for MICE Bidding and Support in Macao

Commerce and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) provides comprehensive services to event organisers who are interested in hosting conventions or exhibitions in Macao. IPIM also designates personnel to follow up before, during and after the events, and offer necessary support according to different needs. The services include: Providing latest MICE information in Macao; Coordinating with other government departments or authorities in Macao to help event organisers complete different administrative procedure; Assisting event organisers in holding activities in local community to enhance event participants’ experience; Providing financial support for organising events in Macao.

(Competent department: IPIM)


Convention and Exhibition Stimulation Programme

The purpose of this Programme is to provide financial support to organisers who plan to host conventions and exhibitions in Macao Special Administrative Region, so as to enhance the internationalisation, marketisation, professionalism, digitalisation and green development of conventions and exhibitions, and to enhance the competitiveness of MICE industry, to promote the moderate economic diversification of Macao, building Macao into an internationally renowned MICE destination, enhancing the role of the MICE industry in terms of driving other industries forward, further promoting regional co-operation, and attracting more conventions and exhibitions, and business tourists to Macao. Interested parties please visit the programme’s webpages on IPIM’s website for details.

(Competent department: IPIM)


Stimulation Programme for Professional Training and Education in the Convention and Exhibition Sector

This Programme aims to provide financial support for organisers which provide training in the areas of convention and exhibition, as well as for enterprises and non-profit associations that recommend their personnel to attend training or examinations in relation to conferences and exhibitions. The goal is to train talents for the MICE industry, and to enhance the overall level of the existing employees. Interested parties please visit the programme’s webpages on IPIM’s website for details.

(Competent department: IPIM)


Financial Support Programme for Participation in Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

The purpose of this Programme is to provide financial support to enterprisers and non-profit associations legally established in the Macao Special Administrative Region to participate in exhibitions in commercial and trade area, improving enterprises’ external exchange and co-operation, publicity and business development via the platform provided by exhibitions.

Online application:

Interested parties please visit the programme’s webpages on  IPIM’s website  for details.

E-Commerce Promotion Incentives Scheme

The purpose of the Scheme is to motivate small and medium sized enterprises in Macao to seize cross-border market opportunities through effective and wide publicity enabled by B2B E-Commerce platforms, and the internet and “internet+”promotion and sales model by B2C E-Commerce platforms.

(Competent department: IPIM)