Registration of Trademark

Service Overview

A trademark is a sign used by manufacturers or business operators in their goods or services to distinguish them from the goods or services of others. Trademark is one of the essential components in the field of intellectual property. Registration of trademark is not compulsory in the Macao SAR.


Service target and eligibility

  1. Macao SAR Resident Identity Card holders
  2. Legal persons constituted according to the law of the Macao SAR
  3. Other applicants must appoint one of the following entities as agent with an effective Power of Attorney:
    3.1 A lawyer registered with the Macao Lawyers Association
    3.2 A Macao SAR Resident Identity Card holder
    3.3 A legal person constituted according to the law of the Macao SAR


Formalities and Documents Required for Application

  1. Online application (Applicable to individual applicants and individuals who are appointed as application agent):

    1.1 First-time user
    – Should apply for a “Qualified Certificate (QC)” for creating “Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)” in an accredited certification entity (such as eSignTrust of the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau) with the Macao SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card;
    – Register as “Authenticated User – Authentication of Online Application (online application service with identity authentication can be used for making this application)” with the above mentioned electronic certificate on the webpage of Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) (For more details, please visit the webpage “Intellectual Property – Online Services” on the DSEDT website, available in Chinese or Portuguese only).

    1.2 Authenticated user
    – After login into the DSEDT system, choose the required online service through “Administrative Services – e-Services – Online Application”;
    – Complete the online form, use the valid “Qualified Certificate (QC)” to generate and affix a “Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)” to the form, and submit it;
    – Complete the payment online through the Electronic Payment Platform of Postal Savings.

  2. Apply in person:

    2.1 The applicant should complete the “Application Form of Trademark Registration” (Format ECO-051) in Chinese or Portuguese (the form can be obtained at the service location or downloaded from DSEDT website)
    – Application may be made on behalf of an individual or a body corporate. However, if the applicant (individual or body corporate) is not a Macao SAR resident or establishment, the form should be signed by an appointed agent;
    – After signing the form, signature authentication can be made at the service location by presenting the original identity document with holder’s signature sample.

    2.2 Submit the form with the annexes to the Industrial Property Application Counter of Reception Centre of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau (2nd Floor).

    2.3 Applicant bring along the invoice and complete the payment in MOP at the Treasury of the Reception Centre of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau (2nd Floor) within eight (8) workdays. Details of payment methods are available on the webpage “Administrative Services – Payment Methods” on the DSEDT website.


Required documents

  1. The completed “Application Form of Trademark Registration”:Online application: Complete the form via the “Administrative Services – e-Services – Online Application”, and generate an electronic signature “Qualified Certificate (QC)” to complete the application form.
    Apply in person: The “Application Form of Trademark Registration” (Format ECO-051) can be obtained at the service location or downloaded from DSEDT website


Supplementary documents required according to actual situation:

  1. Apply by proxy:
    Power of attorney (must be duly authenticated, with recognition of the identity of the authorised person and the effect of the power of attorney).
  2. Priority claim:
    An official document must be presented to confirm its priority (Priority document).
  3. Other supporting documents (such as authorisation, consent).
  4. For powers of attorneys or other documents not written in any of the official languages of the Macao SAR:
    – Notarised / Certified translation into one of the official languages of the Macao SAR (Chinese or Portuguese)
    – Stamp duty of MOP 5/page is required for translation certificate, and an additional MOP 10 for each certificate.



Application for registration: MOP 1,000


Notes / Information for Applicants

  1. Each “Application Form of Trademark Registration” (Format ECO-051) (available at DSEDT’s service locations and on its website) is for the registration of only one trademark, which can be used by the products or services belonging to the same class in the International Classification of Goods and Services.

    – For information of the International Classification of Goods and Services, please refer to the “Search on Classification of Goods and Services for Trademark Registration” on DSEDT’s official website.

  2. If the application is in order, notice about the application will be published in the Series II of Official Gazette of the Macao SAR on the first or third Wednesdays of every month. Within the two months of the publication, any third-party can lodge complaint in writing against the relevant registration application.
  3. In addition to the registration application, the applicant must complete a separate “Application Form of Request for Other Actions” (Format ECO-052) (available at DSEDT’s service location and on its official website) for each of the above circumstances and submit together with relevant documents


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(Competent department: DSEDT)