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Professional Services

Banking Services

Enterprises can open corporate accounts with banks in Macao for their financial affairs. The banks can also provide them with services such as corporate loans and trade finance, with the application requirements set by each bank. As of the end of 2020, there were 31 banks in Macao, 12 of which are incorporated in the city (including 1 Macao Postal Savings) and the other 19 incorporated overseas. Many of them have established international branches in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Portuguese-speaking countries to meet enterprises’ financial needs.

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Accounting Services

Macao accountants can provide enterprises with services such as accounting, record keeping, tax filing, and auditing. The accreditation, registration and licensing system for accountants in Macao are under the responsibility of the Professional Committee of Accountants of Macao. Many accountants in Macao also possess international accountancy qualifications. As of the end of 2020, there were 14 accounting firms in Macao.


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Legal Services

Macao’s legal system is based on a civil law system. As of the end of 2020, there were 109 law firms in Macao, many of which are international law firms, and there were 436 lawyers and 118 trainee lawyers who are able to provide legal and notary services for enterprises. Many Macao lawyers are also qualified lawyers recognised by Mainland China, the United States, Portugal, Brazil, Timor-Leste and other countries. In addition, some law firms in Macao have collaborative law firms in Mainland China to provide an even wider range of legal services.

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Arbitration and Mediation Services

The Arbitration Law promulgated in May 2020 introduced the arbitration rules that are in line with international conventions, bringing Macao’s arbitration system further in line with international standards. The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (also known as the ‘New York Convention’) applies to Macao. The city has also signed regional agreements with Mainland China and Hong Kong. Macao’s arbitral awards are enforceable through the tribunals of most economies in the world.


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Construction Services

Along with the establishment of many large-scale international hotel and entertainment facilities, Macao’s construction industry has become well-developed. From technology to project management, the models adopted in Macao are in line with international standards in many aspects and many international construction companies have set up offices in Macao. As of the end of 2020, there were 1,093 registered architects and engineers in Macao.


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Entry and Visa Policies

Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card (also known as the “Non-resident Worker’s Card”)

Non-residents who wish to work in Macao must submit an application for a Non-resident Worker’s Card to the Labour Affairs Bureau through their employers registered in Macao according to the current regulations of the Macao SAR, namely Dispatch No.12/GM/88 of 1 February and Dispatch No.49/GM/88 of 16 May.

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“Special Authorisation to Stay” for Reuniting Kindred of Non-resident Workers

When the non-resident worker’s application for “Temporary Authorisation to Stay as Non-resident Worker” is approved, the relevant division will start to process the application for “Special Authorisation to Stay” for the worker’s family members.

Family members of the non-resident worker must comply with:

1) The laws and regulations relevant to Macao’s entry, stay and residence authorisation system

(e.g. 1. They must hold a valid passport/travel document/identification document for entering and leaving Macao; 2. They must not be under any legal restrictions);

2) Article 2 of the Administrative Regulation No.5/2003, i.e., their relationship with the non-resident worker being classified under one of the following categories:
i. Spouse;
ii. Individual having de facto marital relation and fulfilling the requirements specified in Article 1472 of the Civil Code;
iii. First-degree direct kinship of the non-resident worker and his/her spouse;
iv. First-degree direct minor dependent(s) and adopted minor(s) of the non-resident worker and his/her spouse;
v. Minors and blood relatives proved to be supported by the non-resident worker.

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Health and Epidemic Prevention

Macao has never had a recorded case of community transmission of COVID-19, and has implemented a series of anti-epidemic measures, including quarantine upon entry, a scheme to ensure the supply of facemasks to Macao residents, and a vaccination scheme.


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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is essential to the sustainable development of the city and its enterprises. Macao has formulated clear policies and guidelines for the control of water quality, land pollution, air quality, light pollution, ecology, noise, waste management and energy, in order to effectively and continuously prevent, monitor and control environmental pollution and to build a high-quality living environment.


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There are 78 schools in Macao, including 11 public schools and 67 private schools. Among them, 15 schools use English as the language of instruction, while 5 use Portuguese. From kindergarten, elementary to secondary level, the schools adopt a diverse range of teaching models. In addition, there are a total of 10 tertiary education institutions in Macao; 4 public and 6 private institutions. Among them are universities that feature a combination of comprehensive teaching and research, multi-disciplinary institutions with a focus on applied teaching and learning (e.g. Macao Polytechnic Institute), and professional education institutions that are dedicated to cultivating talent in the fields of tourism and MICE, gaming, nursing, and management.


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