Macao’s Market Information and Operational Costs

Water Meter Rental

Meter SizeMonthly Meter Rental



New Meter Installation Fees (First Installation)

Meter Size


Installation Fee for Each Meter




Domestic Water Usage

TiersConsumption (m³/2 months)Tariff (MOP/m³)
1st Tier28 or under4.48
2nd Tier29 to 605.18
3rd Tier60 to 796.04
4th Tier80 or above7.27


Non-domestic Water Usage

UsersSectorsTariff (MOP/m³)
General usersBusiness, government buildings, schools, hospitals, associations and others6.04
Special usersGaming industry, hotels, saunas, golf-courses, construction, public-infrastructures and other temporary consumption7.75

Source: Macao Water Supply Company Limited (April 2021)


Electricity Tariff (Electric power: 220V)

Group AMOP

Monthly Demand

• Subscribed demand up to 3.4 kVA

• Subscribed demand from 3.4 to 6.9 kVA

• Subscribed demand above 6.9 kVA



3.372 / kVA

Electricity Rate

• Unit rate

0.963 / kWh
Group BMOP
Monthly Demand19.797 or 21.484/ kW

Active Energy per kWh (one unit)

• Full-load hours

• Low-load hours



Reactive Energy calculated per kWh

• Full-load hours

• Low-load hours



  1. Tariff Group A is applicable to customers using electricity supplied by the low-voltage network (230/400 V) under the following conditions:
  • With a subscribed demand of up to 69 kVA; or
  • With a subscribed demand of over 69 kVA if not included in tariff groups B and C.

2.   Tariff Group B is applicable to customers using electricity supplied by the medium or low voltage network, with a subscribed demand of no less than 69 kVA and a monthly consumption of no less than 10,000 kWh.

Source: Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A. (April 2021)


Office and Industrial Premise Transaction Prices

Average Price of Industrial / Commercial / Residential Buildings (Q1 2021)

Unit: MOP / Gross floor area (m2)

 For SaleFor Rent
Industrial unit38,200-48,40065-75
Commercial unit/office64,600-107,600151-355
Residential unit75,300-107,60075-161

Source: Macao Association of Building Contractors and Developers (provided in April 2021)


Average Price per Square Meter of Saleable Area by Major Districts (Full-Year 2020)

Unit: MOP / Saleable area (m2)

Statistical DistrictAverage Price of Saleable Area (m2)
Office units110,973
   NAPE & Nam Van Lake new reclamation zone115,563
   Nam Van Lake, Sai Van Lake and Penha Hill111,584
Industrial units47,855

Source: Private Sector Construction and Real Estate Transactions from the Statistics and Census Service of the Macao SAR Government


Other Reference Information

Macao Shipping Information

 20 ft (MOP)40 ft (MOP)Shipping Time (Day)
Hong Kong, China3,2505,3001
Yokohama (Japan)8,50016,0007
Sydney (Australia)23,50043,00014
New York (United States)59,00074,00020
Seattle (United States)43,00056,00020
Toronto (Canada)49,50065,00025
Vancouver (Canada)43,00056,00020
Montreal (Canada)49,50065,00025
Rotterdam (Netherlands)32,35062,62025
Lisbon (Portugal)43,00078,50035

Note: CY-CY service; Macao fuel surcharge: MOP103/20’, MOP206/40’

Unit: MOP

Cubic metre (Macao to Hong Kong)88
Cubic metre (Hong Kong to Macao)165
20 ft container3,250
40 ft container5,300
Note: CY-CY service; Macao fuel surcharge: MOP15/CBM ft, MOP103/20 ft, MOP206/40 ft
Passenger Transport

Source: Macau Shipping & Logistics Association (provided in April 2021)


Median Monthly Salary of Employees in Macao by Occupation (2020)

Administrators and managers35,000
Technicians and associate professionals25,000
Service and sales workers11,600
Craftsmen and similar workers14,000
Unskilled workers6,700


Median Monthly Salary of Employees in Macao by Industry (2020)

Electricity, gas & water supply22,000
Wholesale & retail trade12,000
Hotels, restaurants & similar activities11,000
Transport, storage & communications15,000
Financial industry22,000
Real estate & commercial activities10,000
Public administration & social security43,000
Health & social welfare23,300
Recreational, cultural, gaming & other services19,300
Domestic work4,400

Note: Salaries varied by industries, experience and qualifications. The data is for reference only.

Source: Employment Survey 2020 from the Statistics and Census Service of the Macao SAR Government