Introduction to Mocuba

Introduction to Mocuba

The City is located at the central-northern most edge in the heart of Mocuba District, where the rivers Licungo and Lugela meet, about 150 Km northwest of Quelimane City.


Mocuba District is located at Zambezia Province’s central area, being endowed with a wide array of potential that contributes, now and in the future, to its economic and social growth. Agriculture represents the main source of income for most of the district’s inhabitants, having a galvanizing effect on the economy.

Main Economic Activities

Agriculture Cassava, Maize, Sweet Potato, Rice, Beans, Sesame, Peanut and Vegetables
Livestock Bovine, goats, porcine, ovine, rabbits and poultry
Flora Zebrawood, Corocosse, Nampacala, Mucunapa, African Blackwood, African Teak, Pod Mahogany, Breonadia, Eucalyptus and Jacaranda
Industry There is an inactive Textile Factory, another one for ginning cotton, also inactive, a factory of fruit, ice, as well as bakery, carpentry, sawing and milling, hotels similar establishments.
Commerce About 543 established commercial facilities.