Strategic positioning of Mozambique
National flag
Basic InformationMozambique is located in southeastern Africa. It is an important estuary and regional transportation corridor. The country has an area of nearly 800,000 square kilometres and a population of about 28.86 million in 2018. The capital is Maputo. It is the national political, economic, cultural centre and transportation hub of the country, as well as one of the busiest ports in Africa.
Investment Environment

The society of Mozambique maintains long-term stability, rapid economic growth, manifesting obvious location advantages. It is rich in minerals and natural resources such as coal, natural gas, forest, water conservancy, agriculture, and fisheries. In recent years, the local government has increased investment in infrastructure and has worked closely on tourism, actively expanding foreign investment and co-operation. It strives to improve foreign investment policies and regulations, and optimises business environment.


Doing Business 2020 – the World Bank’s report on business environment – points out that the score of Mozambique has improved in terms of starting business, construction licensing, electricity access and property registration.


Agriculture is the main industry in Mozambique. About 70% of the population is engaged in agricultural production and processing. The crops include corn, rice, soybeans and cassava. The industry mainly includes processing industry. Owing to its rich mineral resources, many international mining companies are attracted to invest and develop in Mozambique.

Trade Overview

Mozambique’s main export destinations are South Africa, India, China, and Italy. Its main export goods are mainly aluminum products, energy and mineral products, and tobacco. The main import origins include South Africa, China, UAE and Singapore. The main imported goods include crude oil, energy, food, mechanical and electrical equipment, automobiles and household appliances.

China’s exports to Mozambique mainly include motors, fossil fuels, mechanical appliances, and vehicle parts. Goods imported from Mozambique mainly include wood, ore, feed, fish.