Official organizations and investment mediators
Government of Brazil
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics


Phone: 08007218181

Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency

Address: SAUN, Quadra 5, Lote C, Torre B, 12º a 18º andar Centro Empresarial CNC, Asa Norte, Brasília – DF, 70040-250


Phone: ( +55) 612027-0202

Secretariat of Federal Revenue of Brazil
Executive Secretary of the The Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex)

Address: Ministério da Economia, Bloco J, Sala 900, 9º andar – Brasília – DF, CEP 70.053-900


Ceará State Development Agency S.A.

Address: Av. Dom Luís, 807 Meireles, Fortaleza – CE, CEP: 60160-230


Phone: (+85) 34573300

Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor of the Ceara State

Address: AV. DOM LUÍS, 807 – 16º ANDAR, FORTALEZA, CE, CEP: 60.160-230

Phone: (+85) 34442900

Institute of Research and Economic Strategy of Ceara

Address: Av. General Afonso Albuquerque Lima, S/N, Edifício SEPLAG – Térreo – Cambeba, CEP: 60.822-325 – Fortaleza, CE Phone: (+85) 31013521 / 31013500

Fortaleza Municipal Council

Address: Rua Thompson Bulcão, 830 – Luciano Cavalcante, CEP: 60810-460 Fortaleza-CE

Phone: (+85) 34448300

Municipal Finance Secretariat – District of Fortaleza

Address: Rua Gal. Bezerril, 755, Centro – Fortaleza-CE CEP 60.055-100 ntrada do Atendimento pela Praça dos Voluntários

Entrance through Voluntários Square

Legal Organisation
Ceará Lawyers Association

Address: Av. Washington Soares, 800 – Guararapes – Fortaleza – CE – CEP 60810-300


Diplomatic Organisation
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Brazil
Economic and Commerce Bureau of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Brazil