Industrial Zone and Special Economic Zone of Luanda

Industrial Park


Viana Industrial Development Hub (Pólo de Desenvolvimento Industrial de Viana) is a development zone of industrial projects, in Luanda, created by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Angola, in their Resolution No. 4/98 of 27 March (1998), within the framework of the Master Plan for Re-industrialisation of Angola, by the Ministry of Industry, whose basic guidelines were incorporated into the Government’s Economic and Social Policy Programme and it comprises a set of measures to relaunch the industrial activity in the country.

It is located in the province of Luanda, municipality of Viana, alongside the routes Luanda-Catete, Viana-Zango and Benfica-Cacuaco, occupying an area of around 2500 hectares.

Viana Industrial Development Hub (Pólo de Desenvolvimento Industrial de Viana) is composed of 3 zones: ZONE A, ZONE B and ZONE C.

In the Hub of Viana, there are more than 500 companies, among which more than 150 operate in industry and transformation sector and others in the business sectors of civil construction and services.

Source: Viana Industrial Development Hub


Special Economic Zones

The LuandaBengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Luanda/Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a physically demarcated space, characterized by tax benefits and competitive advantages.

Therefore, the SEZ has infrastructures suitable for the establishment of national or foreign companies, capable of fostering domestic production and generation of jobs, with competitiveness and innovation.

The SEZ Luanda-Bengo belongs to the State, it contains 21 flexible reserves, of which 7 are Industrial Reserves, 6 are Agricultural Reserves and 8 are Mining Reserves, distributed among the municipals of Viana (8 thousand hectares), Cacuaco (20 thousand hectares) and Icolo and Bengo (30 thousand hectares), in the province of Luanda, and in the municipals of Dande and Ambriz (totalling 120 thousand hectares), in the province of Bengo.

Source:Luanda/Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ)