Support and Incentive Measures for the MICE Industry

To further promote the growth of Macao’s MICE industry, the SAR Government has been assisting the organisation of local MICE events through a series of support and incentive measures, thereby cultivating and developing the city’s own signature events. The government also supports organisers from different regions to host events in Macao and local MICE practitioners to engage in exchange and collaboration with other regions in order to make Macao the ideal destination for different types of MICE events.


“One-stop Service” for MICE Bidding and Support

IPIM provides comprehensive support services to MICE event organisers who are interested in hosting conventions and exhibitions in Macao. IPIM’s services include attracting renowned overseas MICE events to Macao, providing MICE information to event organisers, assigning dedicated personnel to assist in and follow up the implementation of events held in Macao, assisting and following up the Convention and Exhibition Support Programme applications, carrying out promotions at local and overseas events participated by IPIM, assisting companies established in Macao to organise events, and linking them up with MICE service providers, as well as assisting them in searching for business partners.

(Competent department: IPIM)


Convention and Exhibition Financial Support Programme

The Convention and Exhibition Financial Support Programme aims to provide assistance and support to organisers and planners of conventions and exhibitions held in Macao, with the ultimate goal of sharpening the competitive edge of Macao’s convention and exhibition industry and developing Macao into a destination city for various conventions and exhibitions. The support includes venue rental, hardware facility, exhibits freight, invitation of professional buyers.

Regarding the assessment criteria for the application of “Convention and Exhibition Financial Support Programme”, the following issues will be taken into consideration by IPIM, before making a decision to grant or deny approval or partial approval of an application, including: event nature, degree of internationalisation, theme of event, timing, scale, duration, professionalism, past event reference and economic benefit to local community, and whether the event(s) is/are accredited by international organisations like UFI or ICCA. Interested parties please visit the programme’s webpages on IPIM’s website for details.

(Competent department: IPIM)


Support Programme for Professional Training and Education in the Convention and Exhibition Sector

The programme aims to provide financial support for organisers that provide training in the areas of conventions and exhibitions (MICE), as well as for employers and organisations that sponsor their staff to attend training or examinations in relation to conventions and exhibitions. The goal is to prepare a reserve of talent for the convention and exhibition sector, and to enhance the professionalism of the employees. For details, please visit the programme’s webpage on IPIM’s website

(Competent department: IPIM)


Support for Local Enterprises to Participate in Economic and Trade Activities

  • IPIM organises delegations to participate in various MICE events held in Macao or overseas each year, and provides a number of financial incentives to boost participation. IPIM also encourages local enterprises to use MICE events to display their products and facilitate direct contact with customers to pursue the best promotional effect. Through the incentives, eligible applicants can apply for subsidies for activities such as renting/installing booths, transportation of products and advertising campaigns.
  • Incentives and Scope
  1. Financial incentives for participation in exhibitions and fairs

    – Participating in economic and trade activities outside Macao or exhibitions and trade fairs in Macao which are organised by IPIM;
    – Participating in economic and trade activities outside Macao or exhibitions and trade fairs in Macao which are not organised by IPIM;

  2. Joining a delegation of entrepreneurs organised by IPIM
  3. E-Commerce Promotion Incentive Measures

For details, please refer to the ‘Regulations on Participation in IPIM’s Promotional Activities’ on IPIM’s website

(Competent department: IPIM)